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Who is Scream Team LA?

Scream Team LA is an elite group of Performers that have a passion for Sound Design & Captivating an audience over various mediums. We are a super group of Artists located all over the Greater Los Angeles area performing feats of rare vocal talent at a professional level in the entertainment industry. Scream Team LA consists of extreme metal vocalists, creature actors, voice actors, loopers & performance capture artists.

From outsourcing artists to bring your feature to life to collaborating on sound design in post as a team, artists part of Scream Team LA is the key ingredient in multiple award winning AAA titles. 

Scream Team LA is tried and true. 

Union & Non-Union Talent available.

For all Scream Team LA inquiries & Booking:

Darren Bailey Creature SampleDarren Bailey
00:00 / 00:38
Andy Danish - SampleAndy Danish
00:00 / 01:23
Scott Lambright - Extreme Vocal Work
Alan Maxson Voice Over Reel
Alan Maxson Creature Acting Reel
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