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Who is Scream Team LA?

We are a super group of professional extreme metal vocalists, creature creators & voice actors currently working in various fields of the entertainment industry.

Need help sourcing artists to bring your horror/sci-fi/fantasy feature to life with vocal special fx?

Scream Team LA is here for you. 

Union or Non-Union? No problem, we have the talent for every gig.

For all Scream Team LA inquiries & Booking:

Darren Bailey Creature SampleDarren Bailey
00:00 / 00:38
Andy Danish - SampleAndy Danish
00:00 / 01:23
Scott Lambright - Extreme Vocal Work
Alan Maxson Voice Over Reel
Cattle Decapitation - Finish Them (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Cattle Decapitation - Finish Them (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Official artist merch: Directed by: Nicholas Vidler / NJV Media ( Vocalist Travis Ryan comments: "When traveling to Australia to embark on our Australia/New Zealand/Japan tour in early 2020, we wondered what would await us on their soil as bushfires were raging, claiming the lives of millions of wild animals, altering the lives of many of our fans and citizens of Australia. What we didn't expect was record turnouts with serious rabid fans that I think just wanted to take their minds off the current state of affairs and do their best to have a good time given the utterly shit circumstances they were experiencing. We quickly organized meet and greets at the last minute and were able to raise well over $25,000AUD for the Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary, who had pretty much lost everything in the fires. Thanks to the incredible support from our fans down under and through other folks ready to help, they were able to rebuild. We really felt like we had been given a gift by the fans, so we wanted to give back to these people who came out and raged with us by releasing our final music video for 'Death Atlas,' which showcases how sick the shows were and how truly amazing our fans are. Look close, maybe you'll find yourself in the crowd! Looking forward to returning to the stage one day, hopefully soon!" LYRICS: FIRE! On the horizon Incineration of a species The cremation of a disease With flame and gases reducing to ashes Entire nations - all human communities Poisoning everything - stripped of all immunities This is the way we deal with our own kind Self-destructing power of the human mind Burn! Back from whence you came Return to carbon once again Now we see that the true evil has a face Now we know the devil is the human race Cursed be our society which finds its end rather dramatically Part anthropologic, part organically the course of nature knows no amnesty On the smoldering horizon The fumes of sulphur choking out Poseidon The ocean boiling its contents Mother Nature on the offense Sterilizing the earth with flame Beating humanity at its own game Their footprint now buried in the soot of a pale horse with a cloven hoof We purge with fire and we finish them We light the fuse and we diminish them We fight the fire with a nuclear flash Deconstruct everything that’s built to last We fuck biology’s eye sockets We skull fuck futures for our profits We’d kill the universe given the chance Emptied of time by its draining sands So we burn… Never to extinguish Follow Cattle Decapitation: #cattledecapitation #finishthem #deathatlas #australia
Alan Maxson Creature Acting Reel
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